About us

Getting a loan should take hours, not days.

Technology has the power to simplify our lives: that’s the principle on which we founded Lendable in 2014. Getting a loan shouldn’t be a complicated or lengthy process in the digital age.

So we built a platform that harnesses technology and data in order to make personal finance hassle-free and customer-friendly.

There’s no need to fill in lengthy forms, deal with paper-based applications, wait days for a decision by the lender, queue in a branch, or get stuck in hold loops on overburdened customer service hotlines. Lendable fixes all of that.

Be smart about loans - choose Lendable.

Who we work with

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Lendable offers:

  • Speed

    We offer a fast and seamless journey to a loan: our technology makes things easy and straightforward.

  • Simplicity

    A no-faff, straightforward application; no hidden fees; and transparent terms

  • Service

    You can manage your loan online, and our customer service is available 7 days a week by email/phone/text or live chat

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