About us

Getting a loan should take hours, not days.

Technology has the power to simplify our lives: that’s the principle on which we founded Lendable in 2014. Getting a loan shouldn’t be a complicated or lengthy process in the digital age.

So we built a platform that harnesses technology and data in order to make personal finance hassle-free and customer-friendly.

There’s no need to fill in lengthy forms, deal with paper-based applications, wait days for a decision by the lender, queue in a branch, or get stuck in hold loops on overburdened customer service hotlines. Lendable fixes all of that.

Be smart about loans - choose Lendable.

Who we work with

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Lendable offers:

  • Speed

    We offer a fast and seamless journey to a loan: our technology makes things easy and straightforward.

  • Simplicity

    A no-faff, straightforward application; no hidden fees; and transparent terms

  • Service

    You can manage your loan online, and our customer service is available 7 days a week by email/phone/text or live chat

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Find out more about credit bands

Credit Bands Explained
We give offers to a very wide variety of customers so to help you make an informed decision, we are showing average prices for bands which contain at least 20% of our customers each.

You're More Than a Credit File
The bands are based on credit scores from TransUnion, but we look at all your data together: there is no guarantee that you are in a specific band and we will make you the best offer possible regardless of the band you think you are in.

We will make you our best offer no matter which band you think you are in.

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